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"Allowing Transparency In Her Life To Heal Yours" 





a voice with you in mind

AyresVoice Motivational Speaking Company was established in 2007 on the platform of “Always Yearning Reaching for Excellence and Success”. Jai Cook has created her “So What” project. So What stands for Societal Obstacles What Happens After That? Jai Cook's message to her audiences is “In life we can choose to take the path that is in front of us or we can take a chance on the fork in the road. As a foster child living in foster care from infancy to age 17; I was a victim of mental, physical and sexual abuse but I used those obstacles to conquer my "SO WHAT"!

"Remember when you didn't think you would make it?  If I had stopped right there, I wouldn't be here and a lot of people who appreciate what I do wouldn't have it. If you think about it, life gets better. The key to life when it gets tough is to keep moving. Just keep moving " -Tyler Perry

Jai Cook decided to accept her past and her true purpose and her dreams allowed for the creation of her Motivational Speaking Company. AyresVoice is affectionately named after her daughter Ayres. The birth of her daughter gives her life purpose. Jai Cook reveals "without my daughter my life would have no meaning. At a pivotal point in my life when I was ready to give up, Ayres was born and her birth gave me my voice back".  Ironically because of the mental abuse Jai Cook endured as a child, teasing and bullying from peers and very low self-esteem; she used to have a speech impediment and stuttered but look at her now.

Life is about choices! You can choose to allow societal obstacles to define you or you can choose to be a voice for others who are struggling in their own authenticity. As that curve ball of failure begins to manipulate your thoughts and holds your potential hostage, you have to boldly dare to be different. Society tried to manipulate Jai Cook's naive untarnished beliefs in her dreams and created a state of hopelessness birthed from her desire to dream. However when she began to heal from the pain by being transparent with her life to others, life quickly transformed into the success of  AyresVoice.


" You can be the hero in your own life"- Joel Osteen






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