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They say an "apple" a day keeps the doctor away and a great marketable "resume" keeps the bill collectors away. Our Certified Professional Resume Career Consultants will create career documents that will have your phone ringing off the hook from employers who want to talk to you.

We have experience recruiting in the Technical, Medical, Law Enforcement, Administrative and Secreterial industries. Our knowledge in Career placement and educational recruitment for entry -executive level careers will help you in this competitive job market. 

Our educational background is in English Education with a minor in Communications and Journalism and an emphasis in writing. 

Jai Cook is a Certified Professional Resume Writer- http://www.parw.com/. Our professional career experiences as Career Employment advisor and Resume expert will assist you in your career success. 

Services offered:

Curriculum Vitae
Resume/Cover letter writing and critique
                                                                   Electronic Resume                                                                                                              Career Portfolios                                                                                                            Developing a job search strategy for your field
Networking strategies, including social media
Weekly job leads emailed to you
Skills assessment and discussing "your vision"
Interviewing attire and your presentation
How to ace phone and face-to-face interviews
Interview Follow-up do's and don't
Working with recruiters/staffing agencies
Discussing the job offer/salary expectations

 We offer free 10-minute consultations for all clients and referral incentives.

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